Captain Landaro

Captain of the Crimson Lance Mercenary Company


In the distance, they see a formation of about two dozen cavalry. The horses are beautiful and magnificent, all sleek fur, flowing manes, and powerful muscles, cantering proudly. The riders too are formidable. Armed with lance, sword, and bow, the sit upright with dignity, masters of their mounts. WJ recognizes their banner, it is the Crimson Lance company.

The unit rides up to the expedition. Three of them ride closer and greet the expedition, shouting from about 30 feet away. " Good afternoon! I am Captain Landaro of the Crimson Lance. I never thought I’d see the day the dwarfs would field a cavalry unit, but well met fellow mounted warriors! I take it you are from the Thermal Caves? We left there about ten days ago. Most of the mercenary companies headed due east on foot. We did as well, but decided to swing north to see what is up here. Regretfully, that was a poor choice in terms of recovering Choghan scalps. I hope our fellows left some for us in the east!"

Captain Landaro is a slender man, typical of most light cavalrymen. He can be charming when it suits him, but is otherwise a bit pompous and inconsiderate of others. He served in the Mounted Patrol before striking out as a mercenary captain. He formed the Crimson Lance company with some other veterans and his good friend Azmuth, Priest of Sacred Aval.

Studded Leather Armor
Small Shield
Light War Horse
Light Lance
Short Bow


Captain Landaro

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