Captain Orthau

A crafty-looking man, seems to be thinking and scheming on multiple levels all of the time


Captain Orthau is a human from Bandar. If asked what he’s done he’ll simply say, “Oh, a little of this, a little of that, mostly guarding caravans, delivering messages, bodyguarding.”

Leather armor

After a period of suspicion the The Elf Lenwe posing as the Zakhm Boss Masque captures and interrogates Orthau.

“After nonviolent, but nonetheless firm interrogation that is magically verified to the extent possible, Orthau confesses, " I am indeed an agent of Bandar, and Blue Ocean is a unit of our most elite marines. When House Ukulus invaded Yazd the Zakhm scattered like rats fleeing a sinking ship. We suspected their involvement in this affair, so I was sent north to investigate and infiltrate. Our escapade in the south confirms the Zakhm cannot be defeated in the field. They must be discovered and eliminated crew-by-crew.”

Masque grooms Orthau to assume the mantle of boss and has Orthau and his crew polymorphed to hide their true identities.

Orthau assuming the mantle of Masque, assumes the code name Scorpion is sent deep into enemy camp with his 2 surviving Elite Marines.


Captain Orthau

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