Captain Slythe

Captain of Ahrima's Faith


Rugged looking Sob-Rooz mercenary with some ancient nobility as can be seen by the few small flecks of red in his irises.

Lenwe Aldarion studies the man as he approaches. He is clad in well maintained chitin plate mail, keeps a long sword at his left hip, and wears a pair of sturdy boots. Lenwe sees none of the excessive finery typical of many mercenaries who are often forced to wear their wealth since, lacking any permanent allegiance, they have no safe place to store it. He does not carry a shield at the moment, but Lenwe can see the wear on his left gauntlet indicating the captain normally carries one. Lenwe looks over the man’s face. It’s a gruff face, with a black beard starting to go salt-and-pepper. The man’s skin is dark brown, bordering on black, and his eyes show just the slightest flecks of red suggesting minor Sob-Rooz nobility somewhere in the man’s lineage.

‘My name is Slythe, I am captain of Ahrima’s Faith. We are a small company, only about two dozen. We all fought for Sob-Rooz in the south, mostly against Claacos, but tired of that and have freelanced ever since, mostly in the western lands. Reconnaissance, eh? Sure, I can come. It’s been a few days since we were last out. We didn’t see anything. Maybe the Choghans are finally sending something this way. How many men would you like me to bring?’


Captain Slythe

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