Dwarven miner


STR: 16
DEX: 10
CON: 16
INT: 14
WIS: 12
CHA: 8
COM: 9

Fighter: Level 2
XP: 2021
HP: 24

Clive’s second in command for training the Dwarves for the defense of The Thermal Caves.

Medium Chitin Plate Armor + Shield + 2
Exceptional Quality Footman’s Mace (2d3+2/2d3+1 (SM/L), +1 to attack)

AC: 1
Modified THAC0: 17
Damage: 2d3+5/2d3+4 (SM/L)

Corwyth comes from modest roots. His family is not associated with any powerful clans, they are just regular folk. Corwyth has always dreamed of adventuring and seeing the big wide world, but elderly parents have meant his calling has been to diligently work the mines to provide for them. Corwyth is well-respected for his work ethic, attention to detail, and courteousness. Though polite enough, he is a bit aloof and does not have many close friends.



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