Pino, Knight of Khoob

Pino is a low-level paladin questing to prove himself worthy of admission to the elite Order of the Dawnbringers.


An imposing 6’2", Pino is both intimidating and charming. His intensity and fervor inspire those of inferior conviction. He carries a long sword and heavy crossbow. The heavy crossbow is always wound with a quarrel loaded for immediate firing. He has light brown hair and gray eyes. His face is rough and ruddy from constant exposure to the outdoors. He is clad in full metal chain mail and carries a medium shield with the Temple of Khoob insignia on it.


Raised as an orphan in a Temple of Khoob monastery, Pino was spotted early for his talents and trained to become a paladin. He has dedicated himself to the eradication of the Prophets of Talkh.

Pino, Knight of Khoob

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