Seductive priestess of Ahrima, in the mercenary band Ahrima's Faith


Xaphora is a very attractive young woman. Her chitin armor is lighter than her comrades in the mercenary company Ahrima’s Faith, but more finely tooled. The numerous overlapping pieces hug her shapely body. She has the black skin of the Sob-Rooz, but none of the red specks in her eyes that signify noble lineage however diluted. Her hair has been treated to be a coppery red. She has it kept neatly under her helm, but the observant can tell it would be long if she let it down. She stands about 5’7".

Her shield is bright red with the bust of a woman painted in black on it. Streams of red trickle from her breasts, streams of blood instead of milk. It is the image of the goddess Ahrima.

COM: 15



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