Gohkul's Barb

Ancient short sword, blessed by Gohkul

weapon (melee)

Traxter announces, ‘Behold! Gohkul’s Barb! An ancient weapon of vast power, may you be worthy of wielding it!’

Arex picks up the weapon and unsheathes it to get a good look and feel. The balance is superb and it appears to Arex to be of ancient design. The blade is simple, bright and sharp, but the pommel is intricately carved with grotesqueries reminiscent of the gargoyles adorning the temple. A large red gem is inlaid on one side, while a large green one is inlaid on the right.

Gohkul’s eyes!’ Traxter explains. ‘The god has one red and one green signifying his dual aspects of friendly mischief and deadly trickery.’


Gohkul's Barb

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