Katana with beautiful inlay along the blade.

weapon (melee)

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This katana was the weapon assigned by the Kavusian Shogun to his champion. The champion would typically be either a Samurai or Kensai warrior. Roughly 200 years ago during the time of Xelem XIII, Kikuichimoji was stolen from Igihara, the Shogun’s champion at the time. Igihara vowed to retrieve the katana within 30 days which he failed to do. Completely disgraced, he committed seppuku. The katana has been missing ever since.

Clan Kawaka, Igihara’s clan, suffered greatly from Igihara’s disgrace. The dishonor was so great, other clans refused to marry members of Kawaka or even to do business with them. Completely ostracized, the clan effectively disbanded and its members scattered into exile. Some stayed in Kavus and joined the Order of Hehping. None were admitted to the Jindao. Many went to other kingdoms especially Sob-Rooz, Zahedan, and Seft.

It is well documented that Igihara said the weapon was stolen from his quarters in the Shogun’s palace while he was asleep. From this starting point, numerous theories diverge. Some believe a powerful ninja crept into Igihara’s quarters and filched the weapon for his own use. Others say Sob-Rooz agents seeking to weaken Kavus took it. Still others blame Kermaan. Some accuse the Academy of Seft of taking the weapon to power some arcane device. One theory asserts the Aval Library acquired the weapon to study it. The most far-fetched theory points the finger at the Shogun himself.

All of these theories have some basis in reality. There are secretive and powerful ninja who would certainly benefit from possessing Kikuichimoji. The rivalry between Kavus and its neighbors is persistent and has flared into open war on numerous occasions. As one of the most powerful magic items ever created in Jaraah, it would certainly be of interest to both the Academy of Seft and the Aval Library. At the time of its disappearance, the Shogun and Igihara were having disagreements. Nothing was openly public, but the intensity was high enough for credible rumors to circulate.

Most of these theories fail to explain the complete lack of any trace of Kikuichimoji. No ninja deeds of spectacular daring and difficulty happened after the theft. Kavus remained at peace with its neighbors until it opportunistically attacked Sob-Rooz in 4385. No magical projects of note were produced by the Academy of Seft in the years after the theft. If the Shogun arranged the theft, he would have had no reason to keep the blade hidden after the death of Igihara. Perhaps Kikuichimoji is locked away in some vault of the Aval Library. However, the Aval Library is not known for stealing artifacts, though it will accept contributions from less than completely reputable sources.



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