Heirloom katana of clan Takumi

weapon (melee)

<Blauer> This Katana, was crafted roughly 200 years ago by a smith from Clan Takumi. The sword’s smith spent many moons working on this blade, perfecting its every grain of the finest steel and iron. Upon the blade’s completion, it was brought to the Izanagi temple on the grounds of the clan’s small fortress. That night, under a new moon, the priest felt something very unique about the blade. Foreseeing in a premonition that this blade would one day bring a calm to the storm across the land. The Priest named the sword Peace, and returned it to the smith. The priest told the smith the significance of the blade, and what he had foreseen. The sword’s crafter that very night of the blades naming, spent hours etching the Kanji of the blade’s name into the blade itself just about the guard. The scabbard was also crafted from the finest materials, dyed in a deep blue, and inscribed with three apple blossom flowers, a symbol of peace. The scabbard was then polished and lacquered. The sword’s pommel was wrapped in a cord that was dyed the same color as the scabbard. The story of the blade and its many victorious battles has been told over again to each generation. </Blauer>

Currently, Clan Wasaka claims to possess Peace. Some, however, believe the sword Clan Wasaka has is a mere replica and the last son of Clan Takumi is somewhere out in the world with the real weapon.



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