Rashka's Wrath

Scimitar of Fire

weapon (melee)

Rashka’s Wrath is a legendary blade last known to be wielded by Gatharen Al’Delatrius El’Gehn, leader of the Gehn during the time of the Great Alliance. It is a magical blade created by Rashka, goddess of fire. Gatharen led a force of desert elves to assist in fighting the Claacos. He and all those who went with him perished, and Rashka’s Wrath was lost to the world.

Cosmetically, Rashka’s Wrath is a scimitar made of a fine steel that has a red tone. The blade is always warm to the touch, but when used in combat, it heats up and deals extra damage. The blade is also said to protect the bearer from cold and cold-based attacks.

Rashka’s Wrath is also known as the Scimitar of Fire.


Rashka's Wrath

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