Ring of Surah

Gold ring with a bright yellow gem


Magical gold ring with a bright yellow gem mounted on it and an inscription on the innter surface, “May the sun protect you” in the Sob-Rooz language.

The halfing Liberon ‘The Mouse’ Dendrolion recovered one such ring as spoils of war helping the gnomes fend of a Choghan attack on one of their caravans in the year 4513.

The priest Zano of Surah explained to Liberon, ‘A number of these rings were created over the centuries and granted as rewards for service to Surah. I have never seen one, but have heard and read of them. So many must have been lost in the bowels of a wretched Claacos. Surely you have earned Surah’s favor this day for your bravery! Wear his ring and he will protect you!"


Ring of Surah

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