Weeping Lute

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Jongo telling the tale of Wesselrie Kylarian to Relana the Lutist and companions, circa 4512 of the Noruz Reckoning

“Wesselrie Kylarian was a famous elven minstrel from the time of the Elven Diaspora. He had a magic lute known as the Weeping Lute. It is said he played it as the elves retreated from the elven woods before the Claacos horde started its final advance. Wesselrie Kylarian was so despondent at the abandonment of the human allies, he played the Weeping Lute to the limits of his virtuoso ability. Some say the melancholy he created was so profound, its effects are still felt today. It is true that elves are rarely known to celebrate anything these days. Some say the deep pathos is also responsible for the inability of the elves to reorganize themselves into a nation as great as their heritage would suggest they are capable of. None know where the Weeping Lute is, but the bravest Claacos hunters who venture the farthest into the lands south of the Shomaal sometimes tell of eerie music heard at twilight that depresses them so much, they must turn back.”


Weeping Lute

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