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  • Tapey Mountain Range

    [[Main Page]] [[Kingdoms | Kingdoms of Jaraah]] Most of the Tapey range is south of the Shomaal making the lower slopes Claacos territory. Rugged communities hug the caps. These include dwarves, humans, and various humanoid tribes. Limited …

  • Dwarfs of the Vale

    [[Main Page]] [[Kingdoms | Kingdoms of Jaraah]] Dwarven society has atomized since the arrival of the Claacos. No longer able to link their subterranean mountain communities to form larger, cohesive political units, the dwarfs who used to populate …

  • Mountain Elves

    [[Main Page]] [[Kingdoms | Kingdoms and Tribes of Jaraah]] [[Elves]] These are [[Wood Elves]] who fled into the [[Tapey Mountain Range | Tapey Mountain Range]] instead of north into the Shomaal. They are organized similarly.

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