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Lucan stops by Alcon’s Alchemy Agora. It is a small shop lined floor to ceiling with glass vials and flasks containing fluids of all manner of viscosities and colors. Lucan explains his needs to the proprietor, Alcon, whose hands and arms are grotesquely scarred with what Lucan assumes to be evidence of Alcon’s practical education. “Ah! You wish to simulate the digestive action of a mother owl’s stomach in order to prepare food for the orphaned owlet! A noble cause, a noble cause my dear sir. Let’s see, what do we have that might work… ah hah! Come over here. I did once distill the acids from slaughtered pigs’ stomachs. It is not a potent acid, but it may be suitable for your needs.”

Alcon leads Lucan to a large, dusty jug on the bottom shelf in the back. The jug contains about 1/2 gallon of a nasty looking brown fluid. It has a crude drawing of a pig’s outline on it done in a grease marker. “Yes! This is it, pretty gruesome distillation process. I smelled like whatever those pigs had been eating for weeks! This should be enough to pre-digest a month’s worth of voles. It’s yours for 25 GP. I’ll even throw in a small glass jar so you can pour it out to process the voles in small batches as you need them.”

Alcon's Alchemy Agora

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