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The Ardan-Kryll are the elite shock troops of the Empire of Sob-Rooz. They were formed from the combination of the elite units of Sob and Rooz after unification. The Ardan were the shock troops of the Sob, while the Kryll served the Rooz. Although merged for nearly a millennium, the different companies still trace their lineages to one or the other ancient roots. Emperors of Sob-Rooz have tolerated the rivalry this fosters because it drives all units to greater valor. The Ardan-Kryll are heavy infantry units. Recruits must have distinguished themselves in combat in order to be brought into the Ardan-Kryll ranks.

The Ardan-Kryll are often referred to as “AK units”. Some informally translate this as “Attack-Kill units” and sometimes as “Ass-kicker units”. The Ardan-Kryll prefer their formal name, though are not completely unsatisfied with their nicknames.


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