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Kahnul has decreased in prominence as an important trading city for Aval Kingdom since all of the trading ports south of it have been overrun by Claacos. However, it is the only harbor in the settled lands that combines predictably calm conditions in the Bay of Kahnul with reasonable access to tall trees for shipbuilding. Most ships and almost all large ships that are still in service were built in Kahnul. The shipwright industry, represented by the powerful Shipwrights Chapter of the Aval Carpenter Guild, is still alive and well. Kahnul also bears the brunt of significant Claacos incursion attempts into the fertile and temperate Aval Kingdom. It is heavily fortified and defended with regular patrols looking for Claacos tunnels. This has also spawned a Claacos hunting and goods industry that has kept the city populated and vibrant. Nonetheless, the high degree of militarization in this city makes it less fun than many other cities in the Shomaal. The city of Kahnul also operates the Lighthouse of Kahnul. Though ship traffic is much less than it used to be, the Lighthouse is still operated out of a sense of civic pride and tradition.

Kahnul is currently run by Duke Hecther, Defender of Kahnul. Historically, Kahnul and its hinterland was a hereditary Duchy. However, King Iral LXXII, in 4154 during the time of Emperor Xelem V (see Emperors of Sob-Rooz), decreed after the death of Duke Horan XLVIII that henceforth the Duchy of Kahnul would be held by meritorious appointment. Duke Horan XLVIII bungled the defense of Kahnul when the Claacos started to appear on the southern border of the Shomaal. The incursion nearly led to the destruction of Aval Kingdom and occupation of the Aval Peninsula by the Claacos. King Iral LXXII decided not to leave the fate of the kingdom to genetic chance.

<api: /> It is rumored that the Zakhm Brothers have a significant presence in Kahnul due to its access to the Bay of Kahnul, and access to wood. Significant “enterprises” have sprung (to those who know where to look for them) despite of, (or perhaps) with the support of the Duke. The Duke has been attempting to clamp down on such activity – to limited visible success. It is also spoken (but quietly) that perhaps the Duke’s younger brother (Ahlbart) is involved with the Zakhm Brothers, resulting in a “detente” as both parties turn their attention to more important matters. </api:>

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