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Each non-human character gets 95 points to distribute among the 7 attributes. Human characters get an extra 3 points to distribute to balance out the many racial bonuses received by the other races. For purposes of this rule, only purely human characters get this bonus (notably Guardians of Chatenei do not get these extra ability points).

Fighters who choose 18 for STR get one free roll to determine exceptional strength. If the player does not like the result, they can spend one attribute point for an extra roll and choose the higher number. They can do this indefinitely until they run out of attribute points.

1st level player characters start with max hit points. After 1st level, they roll for hit points normally.

Comeliness (COM) is pure physical attractiveness. The reaction adjustment is the same as the CHA table. Modifiers are cumulative, but not necessarily synchronous. High COM low CHA characters make a great impression from across the room, but start to put others off when they start talking.

See Blank Character Template or Fancy Template or use the DST.

Character Creation

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