Eyes of the Fae

Eyes of the Fae

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• School: Alteration
• Range: Touch
• Duration: 2 hrs + 1hr/lv
• Area of Effect: Creature touched
• Components: V,S,M
• Casting Time: 3
• Saving Throw: None

Citing his fondness for fighting in darkness, but worried that one day he could be matched and even outclassed by other creatures of the night, the Spellsword Lenwe Aldarion fashioned this spell to maintain the status quo.

By means of this spell any creature with the natural ability to use infravision has its range extended to 120’. Note that strong sources of light (fire, lanterns, torches, etc.) tend to blind this vision, so infravision does not function efficiently in the presence of such light sources. Invisible creatures are not detectable with infravision.

The material component of this spell is piece of jewelry wrought of fine silver and a cats eye jewel with a value no less than 100gp. Casting this spell does not destroy the component; however the recipient of the spell must wear the jewelry at all times for the spell to be effective. Removing the jewelry immediately breaks the spell.

Eyes of the Fae

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