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Clive Battlegibber heads over to Graeson’s Forge. It is a busy place. Most of the dwarfs are at work on heavier grades of chitin. Only a few dwarfs are working iron, and iron weapons at that. Clive sees no one working on metal armor, but he can’t see the whole shop. The dwarfs eye Clive’s armor, picking out defects, abuse, and it’s average level of craftsmanship. Clive begins to feel self-conscious as he looks around at the high quality of everything he sees. His own gear is the product of competent efficiency, nothing fancy, nothing special, but everything here smacks of quality and craft. Clive’s ego tries to assert itself. A whole lot of finery and nonsense! But still… it’s very good-looking finery and nonsense and Clive is certain of the underlying integrity. A gnome approaches Clive, obviously not an armorer or weaponsmith, more of a shopkeeper or clerk. ‘Greetings! Welcome to the forge of Graeson the Great! There is no finer armorer alive today. Only the best here, we cater to all of the finest families in Jaraah, including special commissions for the imperial family of Sob-Rooz.’

Graeson doesn’t do basic weapons and equipment. He only makes exceptional quality products. Each piece is individually customized to suit the buyer and is a work of art in addition to a functional item. Bargain hunters will be told, “The caves are full of other competent craftsmen eager for your business.”

A sample of some of Graeson’s exceptional wares

Weapon GP Damage SM/L Attack Bonus Specials
Bastard Sword 1000 GP 1 handed: 2d4+1 / 2d6+1
2 handed: 2d4+1 / 2d8+1
+1 None
Long Sword 750 GP 2d4+1 / 2d6+1 +1 None
Broad Sword 500 GP 2d4+1 / 2d3+2 +1 None
Short Sword 500 GP 2d3+1 / 2d4+1 +1 None
Dagger 80 GP 1d4+1 / 1d3+1 +1 None
Bastard Sword 1200 GP 1 handed: 2d4+1 / 2d6+1
2 handed: 2d4+1 / 2d8+1
+1 Lava snake and ice lizard wrap
Long Sword 950 GP 2d4+1 / 2d6+1 +1 Lava snake and ice lizard wrap
Broad Sword 650 GP 2d4+1 / 2d3+2 +1 Lava snake and ice lizard wrap
Short Sword 650 GP 2d3+1 / 2d4+1 +1 Lava snake and ice lizard wrap
Dagger 110 GP 1d4+1 / 1d3+1 +1 Lava snake and ice lizard wrap
Armor Material Cost Multiplier Weight Adjustment
Fine Steel x4 -10%
Black Steel x10 -25%
Soldier Claacos x4 -10%
Drone Claacos x10 -25%

See Weapons and Armor for basic prices for Claacos armor.

Graeson's Forge

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