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The Ice Elves have adapted to the frigid north by living on giant floating icebergs enchanted with repeated applications of the spell Continual Freeze. This gives them a unique hunting platform allowing them to catch a larger diversity of creatures than their land-based competitors. After the Daryaan Sea refreezes just before winter, the Ice Elves trek over the ice to spend the winter by the city of Rasht. The crushing forces of ice formation shatter the Continual Freeze enchantment, so the elves abandon their temporary summer homes. They bring the previous season’s catch with them on sleds pulled by specially bred dogs known as Ice Hounds for a lively market that occurs annually just as the winter-long night descends on Rasht.

While the Ice Elves winter, they stake out new icebergs for the next summer. They mark off an area and spend the winter days casting Continual Freeze to prepare it for the next summer. When the pack ice melts in the spring, these icebergs remain frozen. The Ice Elves float off into the sea for the summer.

Unlike the Desert Elves, the Ice Elves did not split off from the main elven lineage until after the Elven Diaspora. Thus, they still speak the same language and share most of the same customs as the rest of the Wood Elves scattered throughout the Shomaal.

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Ice Elves

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