Jongo’s notes on Bour from Chorb

Jongo’s Notes

Jongo has copied a painting of Bour and some of his companions that was made in New Darin as Xelem XV’s army mustered. It shows a lean man who seems older than he looks with the typical narrow face and build of the islanders from the Kingdoms of the Gharb Islands. He wears no armor or helm. He stands looking over his left shoulder with a scimitar drawn in his left hand. His right arm is raised above his head and a small buckler is strapped to it. The scimitar blade is intricately inlaid with gold and silver. Bour’s two companions, who are not identified by Jongo, are wearing studded leather armor. They stand at attention in the background with their arms crossed. They are also islanders. Jongo does not have a lot of detail sketched in for them.

  • Claimed to be an honest merchant, alleged to be a pirate.
  • Decided to sell his ship and take his company to serve with Xelem XV to seek fame and fortune.


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