Jongo’s notes on Lord Eindag of House Krakan

Jongo’s Notes

Jongo has sketched a statue of Eindag standing in House Krakan’s palace in the hinterland of Arakan. It shows a portly man with a lush full-facial beard clad in plate mail armor. He carries no helm. He is standing with both feet square and arms akimbo. His sheathed sword hangs at his right. It appears to be a bastard sword since it is a bit larger than a typical long sword. There is no shield shown in the sketch. Jongo has put a lot of effort into detailing the visible parts of the armor and sword. Not much else is visible.

  • Known to be boisterous, and loved betting and participating in games of both chance and skill.
  • Assigned to lead the right flank of the main force under the command of Ebudae.


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