Jongo’s notes on Matlot the Dwarf

Jongo’s Notes

Jongo has copied a painting of Matlot and some of his companions that was made in New Darin as Xelem XV’s army mustered. It shows a typical stout dwarf with full facial hair standing with arms crossed resting on a tremendous footman’s pick. Matlot is wearing chain mail. He has a helm, but no shield. Jongo has put a lot of effort into detailing the visible parts of the pick and armor. Matlot’s three companions, who are not identified by Jongo, also sport chain mail. Two brandish battle axes, and the third sports a giant mace. None have helms or shields.

  • Pestered for fighting with what is essentially a mining tool.
  • Snubbed by noble-born dwarfs for his use of a commoner’s weapon.
  • Renowned for his ferocity in combat.
  • His mercenary company, Matlot’s Marauder’s, achieved initial fame when they assisted King Guthor in defeating King Warvuck as they were disputing a newly discovered vein of gold in 4377. Instead of granting Matlot the noble title he craved, Guthor simply paid Matlot in gold. The furious Matlot signed on with King Urlock shortly after that and was instrumental in defeating Guthor over a disputed iron mine. Urlock treated Matlot no better, though. After bouncing around serving a number of the small dwarven kingdoms ringing the Old Dwarven Vale south of the Republic of Daryaachey in the Tapey Mountains, he heard of Xelem XV’s epic quest. Having no love for the Claacos and tiring of petty dwarven property disputes, he signed on with Xelem XV seeking fame, glory, and the favor of the world’s most powerful monarch.


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