Jongo’s notes on High Templar Solya, House Rura

Jongo’s Notes

Jongo has a sketch (front and back) of a bust of Solya from the High Temple in New Sob-Rooz. She is unadorned and wearing the simple smock of a Temple of Khoob acolyte.

  • Leader of the Temple of Khoob in Sob-Rooz during the time of Xelem XV.
  • Controversial figure.
  • The Light of Khoob suspected her loyalty.
  • Was from a prominent noble family with close historic ties with the Sob-Rooz imperial family.
  • Actively participated in melees as she rose through the ranks.
  • Wielded an enchanted flail she claimed was a gift from Khoob, but Templars are normally only allowed to use bows.
  • Very secretive about allowing others to handle or inspect her flail.


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