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Kingdoms of Jaraah

Rule Modifications and Other Mechanics

Kingdom Language Script
Empire of Sob-Rooz Sob-Rooz Sob-Rooz
Zahedanian Protectorate Zahedanian Sob-Rooz
Kingdom of Seft Sob-Rooz Sob-Rooz
Kingdoms of the Gharb Islands Gharb Sob-Rooz
Aval Kingdom Aval Aval
Kingdom of Bandar Bandaran Aval
Kingdom of Yazd Yazd Aval
Kingdom of Kermaan Kermaaan Kermaan
Kingdom of Masulee Kermaaan Kermaan
Kingdom of Chogha Choghan Kermaan
Republic of Daryaachey Daryaachey Kermaan
Shogunate of Kavus Kavus Kavus
Tribes of Daryaa Daryaan none
Tribes of the Saahel Saahel Sob-Rooz
The Gehn Tribe Desert Elven Desert Elven
Elves Elven Elven
Gnomes Gnomish Gnomish
Dwarfs Dwarven Dwarven
Common Common none

Common is not a complete language. Only really simple things can be communicated in Common mostly pertaining to negotiating simple transactions and asking for directions. It is not written, though if so inclined, characters can attempt to phonetically transcribe ‘Common’ into a script they know.

If a character knows how to R/W in language ‘A’ and knows how to speak another language ‘B’ that shares the same script as language ‘A’, then the character can read moderately complex writings in language ‘B’. For example, someone who reads and writes Aval and speaks Bandaran, can read moderately complex writings in Bandaran by ‘trying to sound out the words’. Such a character could not properly write in Bandaran, but could attempt simple communications.


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