Last Exodus

The Last Exodus

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Emperors of Sob-Rooz

Emperor Nagud IV ‘The Great’ (see Emperors of Sob-Rooz) is credited with saving the Empire of Sob-Rooz. It was his foresight that led to the timely establishment of New Sob-Rooz in the Shomaal that preserved the Empire. When the Sob-Rooz heartland was blocked off from the rest of DaRey after the fall of Marakan on the northern coast of Sob-Rooz and Ulakh to its west in Zahedan in 4077, Nagud the Great sent all of his non-fighting citizens north on what was later known as ‘The Last Exodus’. He seemed to have some last ditch gambit he wanted to attempt, so he kept the bulk of his army behind in the capital of Sob-Rooz intending to return after escorting the refugees to safety. Unfortunately, he died on this last venture losing the Sword of Kings among other valuable heirlooms. It is assumed his son Daruh the VIII ascended the throne in 4077 and attempted to execute Nagud the Great’s final plan, but no one who was left behind after the Last Exodus was ever heard from again. After 3 years of ambiguity, Adfah was crowned Emperor of Sob-Rooz. He was the first emperor to be crowned outside of the ancient capital of the empire.

Last Exodus

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