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J. D. Broakpanne – circa 4235 ‘Treatise on How to Identify Members of the Secret Cult Known as the Nyssfay-Sab’


“To preserve secrecy, Nyssfay-Sab members masquerade as small, ninja-style fighters, but in reality they are unskilled fighters and are using magic. They use ‘weapons’ as magic items to conceal the magical nature of their attacks. Legends abound about these mysterious ‘fighters’ but the legends are mostly wrong. The Order cultivates all manner of rumors and fictitious lore in order to mask the truth.

The typical Member appears as a small, thin martial artist clad lightly in robes or leather. Members are known as highly dexterous attack dodgers, but in reality a high-level Member is probably wearing magical armor, and without it, is hardly more dexterous than a Claaco. Similarly, while the initiate masquerades as a formidable master of the Order’s trademark flaming nunchaku, in reality they’re just Magic Missiles, and without their magic item the Member has no idea what to do with regular nunchucks.

Members are able to use magic without their disguises, but because of the situation, they very seldom do so, even within Seft, such is the importance of preserving their secrecy. Occasionally a Member is publicly caught using magic; in these cases, initiates are taught, the Order’s policy is to strongly denounce the Member as a cheater and disgrace to the Order’s practices and reputation.

When they are ready, Members cultivate a specialty in mind-control magic, known as ‘Jeadyi Mind Tricks’. Their goal is always to blend in and avoid notice and inquiry."


Loremaster Poluak of Aval Library- 4482. Offhand comments made during a gathering of dignitaries in Aval Kingdom after having perhaps a little too much to drink.

“The Nisfey-Shab certainly exist. Obviously they are secretive, but they are of little account since they are few, scattered, and too timid. They are led by a self-styled Grandmaster and are mostly concerned about preserving the secrecy of their identities.”


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