Seft City, City of Ice and Light

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Kingdom of Seft


Seft City, a.k.a. City of Ice and Light, sits on the southeastern shore of the Daryaan Sea. Home to the Academy of Seft, this metropolis hosts the largest population of secular magic-users in Jaraah. Besides pursuing their arcane studies, these magic users perform the civic duty of keeping the city lit (especially during the four months of no sun in the winter) and intact. The city is illuminated with objects enchanted with Continual Light, Faerie Fire, and other spells. The primary building material in Seft City is ice enchanted with the spell Continual Freeze. The high concentration of magical effects within Seft City has attracted magical parasites of various types who feed on magical energy and can destroy enchanted items of all types. The occasional dark street light or melted ice brick are inconvenient nuisances, but the destruction of powerful items is a serious risk and precautions must be taken.


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