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Thermal Caves Inn and Spa This establishment is on the corner of the block of ice houses closest to the Iron Tower.

Tour guide describing the spa to prospective clients:

The bright-eyed gnome in the foyer greets the party, “Our prices are very reasonable, only one silver piece per hour, or 5 silver pieces for a full day. Just think, you can enjoy the Thermal Caves right here without trekking across the wind-blasted Daryaan plains. You can also get a 20% discount if you stay at our inn, and we have full service packages which include meals. I’d be happy to have someone give you a tour, but ah, you must forgive me, we only accept male clients. You see, our clients bath in the nude and well, it’s just not that kind of place. We like to keep the water clean, you understand, right?”

The tour continues, “Right this way kind sirs. As you can see, this used to be just a regular ice house. Roskin, the owner, bought this ice house about 10 years ago with the vision to create the luxurious spa you see today! Ice houses are well-known for keeping plants warm during spring and summer, but Roskin had the inspiration to use them to recreate the rejuvenating hot baths of the Thermal Caves. He imported this state-of-the-art boiler from the Thermal Caves which combines special water purification enchantments and a clever mechanism for regulating water temperature perfectly. It draws water from the pools through this pipe, purifies and heats it, then returns it to the pools through this other pipe in a continuous circulation. It is heated at the bottom with coal, but the furnace is so cleverly designed, none of the smoke escapes into the room.”

Next stop, the main pool area: “Roskin dug out all of the dirt about 4 feet down and lined the pit with ice bricks as you can see. The ice bricks keep everything very well insulated so even though it is the middle of winter, the water stays pretty hot, which is a good thing since coal is expensive!” Fenn and WJ see numerous patrons lounging in the steamy hot water. The space has been decorated to look like the interior of a cave. The patrons are a mix of scrawny mages, plump well-to-do locals, and muscular mercenaries. Fenn recognizes a few from the gnomish caravan. They exchange respectful nods of acknowledgement. The pool stretches the entire remaining space of the ice house, about a quarter acre. To the right, another gnome stands behind a counter. Behind him are shelves where patrons’ clothes are stored while they bath. To the left, there are stacks of clean towels and benches.

The tour guide explains, “You enter the pool down these steps (gesturing to the left). They take you to this sectioned off part of the pool where you can scrub the grime off your body. This is where the pipe going into the boiler collects water from the pool. Roskin was very clever. This ensures the dirtiest water goes straight to the purification system. After you’re clean, you can go into the larger pool area. As you advance toward the far wall, the water will get hotter because that’s where the pipe exiting the boiler returns heated water to the pool. You can migrate according to your taste. We also have a small pool over there on the right about halfway down that has very cold water. It’s very refreshing to go back and forth between the hot water and the cold water. When you are done, you can exit on these steps on the right so you don’t have to go through the dirty section on your way out.”

“Gentlemen, do you want to try? It’s only 1 sp for an hour. Very refreshing, then you can have a delicious meal in our inn!”

Botus’s Premium Daryaan Huskies “The only way to travel effectively across open country in the Daryaan peninsula is by dog sled. Those brave and entrepreneurial enough to do it can reap untold riches trading with the Daryaans up north. Reindeer require far too much fodder to use effectively. Dogs can eat meat which is much more readily available by hunting or trading. You’ll need at least 8 dogs to pull enough cargo to turn a profit, and I have the best dogs around! There are some other breeders, but their dogs are all either too inbred or too mongrel. Mine are the best!” The dealer goes on and on about how to tell healthy dogs from unhealthy dogs and what to look for in a good dog sled puller.”


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