Spell Continual Freeze

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  • School: Alteration
  • Range: 10 yds.
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Area of Effect: 1 cubic foot/level of caster
  • Components: V,S,M
  • Casting Time: 6
  • Saving Throw: Special

When cast on an object that is already frozen, this spell prevents that object from melting. If cast on an object that is not already frozen, this spell does nothing. Objects permanently frozen with this spell no longer absorb heat, so they are not cold to the touch. In fact, they become very good thermal insulators. Blocks of ice treated with this spell can be used to construct durable structures that keep the cold out and trap heat within.

This is the favored building material in the Kingdom of Seft, both for regular buildings as well as specialized ice houses that have glass ceilings enabling heat and warmth from the sun to be trapped locally to grow plants and keep livestock warm.

Over long periods of time (centuries), this magic will eventually fail. This decay happens faster in warmer environments. Particularly acute and violent heat or fire magic (volcanic eruption, dragon breath weapon, fireball spell) will force a saving throw on the affected objects. If the save is failed, the spell dissipates and the objects are affected as if they were merely frozen. Dispel Magic can also be used to remove the enchantment. Destruction by other means (sledgehammer for example) will also break the enchantment. Note this does not immediately melt the objects. The objects will still be frozen and will melt on an environmentally defined timeline. The material component for this spell is fine ash that is sprinkled over the objects to be frozen.

Spell Continual Freeze

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