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Empire of Sob-Rooz


Arakan is situated on the eastern shore of East Twilight Lake. When relations permit, it is an active trading port for goods from the northwestern Shomaal and whatever the merchants of Masulee acquire on their ocean voyages. Otherwise, the local economy consists of fishing, pottery, and reindeer ranching in the plains to the south and east. There are constant disputes with Kermaan to the north and Kavus to the west about fishing rights, but the military might of Sob-Rooz puts things in healthy perspective. The lake produces fine char and oysters. Some areas along the lake shore also yield fine clay. The potters of Arakan compete with the best from New Qehi and Sajzi.

In 4384, the Duke of Arakan, Ebudae of House Flora, accompanied Xelem XV on his ill-fated southern conquest against the Claacos. The Duke was a trusted adviser of the Emperor’s and led the main force of the Sob-Rooz army. The Duke perished along with Xelem XV and the entire army somewhere south of New Darin. Having been severely weakened, Sob-Rooz was left vulnerable (see Xelem XV and XVI). When Kavus invaded and captured Arakan, Duke Ebudae’s line was extinguished. When Xelem XVI was finally able to retake Arakan, he awarded House Revener with the Duchy as a reward for loyalty throughout the occupation and critical assistance in the reconquest.


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