Statue of Oldoran Damaneces

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Zano explains, ‘That is a statue of the elf Oldoran Damaneces, he is long dead, but made his home here in the Thermal Caves with the gnomes. What you see here is the product of tireless toil fighting for every nook and cranny, enlarging the space conquered, defending it and pushing forward ever deeper. Oldoran fought bravely with sword and magic alongside the founding gnomes to establish the old city which is the area bounded by the South Wall and Old Wall. He died at Hell’s Gate driving off a particularly vicious demon. He held the fiend off just long enough for reinforcements to arrive and banish it before it could wreak havoc in the city proper. For his many sacrifices, he is honored here in front of Oetheni revered by gnomes and elves alike.’ When approaching the temple steps, visitors feel cool refreshing air cascading from within the temple.

Fenn Ironblood takes a moment to study the statue of Oldoran Damaneces closely, wondering if he can glean some clue about how the legendary elf fought with both sword and spell, a “spellsword” as Lenwe said. Fenn worries it’s an elf thing that he will never master as a human. Damn elves with their eternal years, agile grace, and see-in-the-dark eyes!

Oldoran is in a dramatic pose, facing away from the temple of Oetheni, looking over his right shoulder. His right hand grips the hilt of his undrawn long sword, while his left is pulled back overhand with a tangle of metal representing some fiendish bolt of magical energy. Fenn imagines what sort of foe the elf might have been facing in life, or merely in the artist’s mind.

Surprised, Fenn notices the artist has carved a small patch of fine chainmail links just where Oldoran’s outer garments are twisted out of place near his waist. Surely it must be an error! Chainmail is much too cumbersome for someone to cast in. Maybe Oldoran had some quick-release chainmail, or maybe the artist took some license.

Statue of Oldoran Damaneces

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