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Dovun, Priest of Wheyfus explains to Clive Battlegibber a little of the history of the Thermal Caves and relations between the dwarfs and gnomes:

“Long ago, the gnomes pioneered these caves and graciously accepted dwarf refugees from the south. This alone binds us to our cousins whatever their mischievous failings. Beyond that history, these caves require active maintenance and we must work together for our mutual benefit. We cooperate and get along well enough, but you have to watch those gnomes. Sometimes they are not serious enough and view things too much as a game, some intellectual challenge in the abstract without consequences.”

The Thermal Caves are governed jointly by the dwarfs and the gnomes. The gnomes dominate because of their greater numbers, but the dwarfs are able to assert themselves when needed. Each population has its own council that runs its own affairs. Matters that affect both are delegated to a special joint council to investigate and develop recommendations. Recommendations must be approved by both of the gnomish and dwarven councils to be effective.

All of the gnomish council seats are either hereditary or permanent. The dwarfs are more democratic with a “distinguished citizen” lifetime seat appointed by the council and a 1-year at-large seat elected by the common dwarfs.

Gnomish Council

  • The “Four Families”, hereditary seats, no veto
    • Heleray (oldest founding family)
    • Evald (founding family)
    • Dorlin (founding family)
    • *Percalu (new family added when high priest of Oetheni added to keep council number odd)
  • Permanent seats, no veto

Dwarven Council

Council of the Caves
Current members are marked above with an asterix.

General Quorpan and General Gorvod Clan Grammon are not members of any of the councils, but are influential in matters pertaining to the defense of the caves.

Thermal Caves Government

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