Captain Togoshi

Solemn-looking priest of Izanagi, looks older than his years


Captain Togoshi started out as a bright-eyed, enthusiastic young samurai. He fought bravely for his daimyo in various petty feudal skirmishes and in more serious actions against bandits and worse. He distinguished himself and started catching the eye of some of the ladies from higher ranked families when suddenly he renounced the way of the samurai and devoted himself wholly to the worship of Izanagi. If pressed, he will not explain himself saying simply, “I felt the call.”

Through no fault of his own, a group of fellow disenfranchised samurai have coalesced around Togoshi, calling themselves Flaming Sword. They serve him as if he were their daimyo, though he will always deny that he is their master, “We are comrades, that is all. They act of their own free will. If I have any influence over them it is only that I pray to Izanagi to guide them and watch over them.”


Captain Togoshi

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