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  • Sol's Correspondence

    *Correspondents of* [[:sol-ess-alean-raheal | *Sol-ess Alean-Raheal*]] |*Name of Correspondent* | *Primary Topic of Discourse* | *Correspondent's Position* | | [[:jongo | Jongo the Drummer]] | Nature of 1/2-elven culture | Jongo professes that 1/2 …

  • Sol's Collected Works

    [[:sol-ess-alean-raheal | Sol-ess Alean-Raheal]]

    _Submitted to the [[Thermal Caves Temple of Anahita | Thermal Caves Temple of Anahita]] sometime in the early spring of the year 4513 of the Noruz reckoning._ *The Princess And The Key* A …

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