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Only one kingdom in the Shomaal openly tolerates mages. That is the Kingdom of Seft where mages operate essentially freely. Some believe the mages secretly run Seft. The wizards of Seft run the Academy of Seft and are organized in departments devoted to the different schools of magic. There is no school of Illusion because that is considered frivolous and there is no school of Necromancy, at least officially, because that would not be tolerated by the local population. The Academy is typically run by a prominent non-specialist mage because such a candidate is considered impartial regarding the merits and priorities of the different departments. Though many wizards are trained at the academy, only a select few are promoted to the faculty. While it is safe for wizards in Seft, they are vulnerable to angry mobs in the rest of the kingdoms of Shomaal.

Illustrious Faculty of the Academy of Seft

Name Title
Faradhar Archchancellor of the Academy
Lady Moley Dean of the School of Invocation
Ahrlach Dean of the School of Conjuration and Summoning
Mehstic Dean of the School of Alteration
Taunke Dean of the School of Abjuration
Pahltehr Dean of the School of Enchantment and Charms
Lady Yuna Dean of the School of Divination
Vaedahr Dean of the School of Devices and Enhancements

<api> The schools of magic are listed in their “apparent” order of regard within the Academy.

The archchancellor is selected via an “interview” process with the current Dean of each of the schools. The interview process may or may not involve “tests”. Traditionally, approval of the archchancellor takes years once a suitable candidate is found. Although unanimity is not required by the Academy Charter, this has often been the case. Archchancellor Faradhar was no exception to this tradition.

The Dean of each school is selected via a process that is specific to each school, and is not quite clear. (It would hardly be sporting if a wizard could “prepare” for the interview process). </api>

Academy of Seft

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