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Archchancellor Faradhar is a native of Seft, and has the pedigree of a wizarding family. He is a generalist mage. He views the Academy as the caretaker of magic, and seeks to “manage” magic throughout the world for beneficial purposes. He acquired his position through his vast array of knowledge of all facets of the magical arts. He is relatively young and has recently attained his position of Archchancellor in the year 4502. He is regarded as kind and even tempered, although he is somewhat out of touch with the “masses” due to his privileged upbringing. Aside from his magical abilities, there appears to be nothing remarkable about him.

Lady Moley is the current Dean of the School of Invocation, and from a prominent Sob-Rooz family. She has been the Dean for the past 30 years. She is extremely arrogant, ambitious, and temperamental. It was said that she grudgingly approved Faradhar for Archchancellor only because the other Deans insisted that she would never become Archchancellor. It is said that in her adolescence, that her temper so affected her spells that all her invocation spells were cast at 1.5x “maximized” for 3 days out of every month. She has since gained control of her spellcasting (if not her temper), and has pinpoint control (both in damage, (up to 3x standard) location and range, duration, and area of effect) of all her invocation spell). These abilities were most likely what led to her ascension as Dean of the school of invocation. She seeks to continue the School of Invocation’s premiere standing within the Academy and throughout the world.

Ahrlach is the current Dean of the school of Conjuration and Summoning hails from the Republic of Daryaachey. He was initially recruited by the Fellowhip of Jangal. However, he was not supportive of the Fellowship’s view of civilization, and their emphasis on balance. He is from relatively humble beginnings, and was recruited due to pure happenstance. In a fit of panic, he once summoned a Claacos forager. This caused some commotion within Daryaachey, and this commotion reached the ears of the then – Dean of the school of Conjuration and Summoning, who personally recruited him for the Academy. He is especially suited at summoning and controlling monsters, beasts and creatures. His summoned creatures remain with him until dismissed (or dead). Additionally, they are double the level of a typical monster summoning. Ahrlach typically seeks to better civilization as a whole, but prefers to emphasize the benefits of Magic on humanoids

Mehstic is the current Dean of the School of Alteration. She (or he?) appears to be ambiguous in gender, as well as background. She does, however, have a close relationship with Duchess Alsebeth of Reyal, so most surmise she is from the Kingdom of Aval. Mehstic is herself also a well regarded cook, and from time to time, enjoys "" Claacos Drone Foie Gras Braised with Vegetables" Mehstic is referred to as a “she” as on the application to the Academy, that was what was checked. Little is known about her origins, but, she has managed to distinguish herself among her peers. She is the youngest of the Deans, appearing to be just over 40 years in age. She is known for her ability to make her alterations last far beyond the time of a typical wizard – with no apparent permanent drawback. (The Academy has been the beneficiary of this ability at least 15 times during her tenure at the Academy of Seft). Mehstic goes out of her way to buttress the defenses of the areas she visits – and most notably the Academy, readying herself for the day the final confrontation will occur.

Taunke is the current Dean of the School of Abjuration. He hails from the Empire of Sob-Rooz. His father was formerly a commoner, but so distinguished himself in armed service that he was promoted to the rank of Captain, and ennobled. Thus, unlike Lady Moley, he tends to be humble, and prefer to remain in the background, until the time is ripe to act. As a result of his upbringing under the tutelage of his father, Mehstic has excellent grasp of tactics. His father, using his minor influence as a noble was able to get Taunke admitted to the Academy of Seft. Between his wizardly studies, and his tactical skills, he always appear able to cast his spells – despite the usual methods of stopping wizards (silence, being hit, etc.). It is said that he only need “think” a spell, and it is cast. Taunke would like to see the Academy run more like the military if the humanoid race is to survive the Claacos threat.

Pahlter is the current Dean of the School of Enchantment and Charms. There are so many stories about his origins that no one really knows which of them are true. He is known for his garrulousness (but no one can say for sure what he talks about). He is also known as a philanderer – something that the other wizards frown upon – as all know, sexual escapades detract from the necessary study of the magic. However, he is peerless in his enchantments, and is thus, tolerated by the other Deans. He has claimed to have successfully enchanted and charmed each of the other Deans (except the Archchancellor). However, the other Deans vehemently deny this – either out of pride, or due to some memory loss issues. Pahlter did not want to be Dean, but in a rare display of weakness to the prior Dean, he let himself be talked into it. No one can say for sure whether Pahlter is powerful or not – just extremely friendly. Pahlter appears to be making the rounds with the female faculty.

Lady Yuna is the current Dean of the School of Divination. Regarded as the “weakest” of the schools, Yuna is considered to be a rambly old hag most of the time. She hails from Aval, in the Aval Kingdom. She has extensive knowledge of lore and history, as her uncle is the esteemed Loremaster Poluak. She fondly recalls the many visits to the Aval library where she studied much of the history of the humanoid race under the eye of her uncle. Of late, she has been making outrageous predictions of doom and gloom (although this is not out of the ordinary for aging members of the School of Divination to do). Her power of foresight and divination is unmatched. In fact, Lady Yuna was well endowed materially long before she joined the Academy due to her innate powers of divination. As with all the other Deans, she is still formidable in the other schools, but her foresight rarely requires her to actually cast any of those spells. Lady Yuna works endlessly to find a path to rid the world of the Claacos.

Vaedahr is the current Dean of the School of Devices and Enhancements. He appears to be a generalist wizard. The school’s purpose is to research and oversee magical developments not explicitly covered by the other schools. This includes “Wild Magic”, and “Illusion Magic”, as well as other magical aspects not discussed in great detail typically. He looks down on those he considers “useless” and is curt and abrupt to them. The school was recently formed, and Vaedahr is the first Dean of the school. Vaedahr is a large imposing figure. He bears a scar vertically cut through his right eye. He hails from the Tapey Mountain region. Vaedahr claimed to have been “called” to the Academy, and after examination by the then Archchancellor, was deemed worthy for admission. Vaedahr was a subpar student in most areas, but did illustrate a proficiency for creativity. In fact, he is the originator of the “Stehroid” elixir, the “Dehrk” casting technique, and countless other magical advances in the past 3 decades. Despite his menacing demeanor, is on extremely friendly terms with all the other Deans, and has a good working relationship with all of them as he furthers his research into the mystical arts. He is extremely unfond of eating Claacos, (and thus declines to eat with Mehstic) although he has a collection of Claacos specimens for his research. Vaedahr’s hope is to research some means to drive the Claacos from the Shomaal, and then all of Jaraah.



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