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Reyal is the southeastern-most city in Aval Kingdom. It shares the best agricultural land left to the civilized races with Jiroft to its west. Its primary exports are herbs, vegetables, grains, tobacco, and wine. Though nothing compared to the great vineyards in the south before the rise of the Claacos, Aval Kingdom is one of the few places left where grapes of reasonable quality can be grown. Some of the slopes in the Tapey range are suitable for vines, but they are subject to Claacos forager raids so harvests are chancy. Reyal’s port is busy moving goods along the coast. Land-based caravans also snake through the inland and coastal roads provisioning Aval City and the communities along the various roads.

<api: /> Reyal is currently run by the Duchess Alsebeth. Reyal, with its emphasis on agriculture selects its leaders with trials of agricultural skill, cooking, and Claacos hunting* (all combined as a single event, judged by the retiring ruler (or their kin, if something unforseen occurs). The winner of said event is for both political and personal purposes well sought after by men (or women – although the winner has more often been a woman than not) of all ages. Duchess Alsebeth is one of the younger rulers of Reyal (2nd youngest to be exact), and as such, is currently single. She is known for her skill as a marksman, and her uncanny ability to “smell” Claacos out. It doesn’t hurt that she is extremely attractive as well. Nevertheless, her cunning, Charisma, and knowledge of the agricultural arts is now renowned throughout the agricultural community worldwide. Her winning masterpiece, “”/campaign/saga-of-jaraah/wikis/food" class=“wiki-page-link”> Claacos Drone Foie Gras Braised with Vegetables" is now an extremely sought after dish. (Not too many chefs are successful in acquiring the materials for such a dish). It is rumored that the first male able to reproduce the dish successfully to her standards would be able to lay claim to her hand in marriage. </api:>

*Note: As Reyal is distant from the Claacos border, the hunting event is quite a logistical challenge. The Duchy of Reyal pays a generous bounty for live and vigorous Claacos specimens in the days before the leadership challenge. The different specimens are awarded different points depending on their size, type, and overall health. Candidates who accumulate the most points by retrieving the antennae of defeated beasts win the event. There is much maneuvering by the powers-that-be to score specimens and secure ideal starting locations close to ‘over-valued Claacos’ for their favorite candidates. Since it is well known that only Queen Claacos can create more Claacos, this event presents little risk of spreading the Claacos to the Aval Kingdom heartland.


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