Beasts of Burden

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Life in the Shomaal

Since the Claacos have consumed all the large fauna on most of DaRey, only reindeer are widely available as beasts of burden in the Shomaal. They have movement 18 and can haul 180 lbs unencumbered. Good ones cost 75 gp. Reindeer are unsuitable for combat. They can be trained not to flee at loud sounds, but will run if attacked. Reindeer have two HD.

Some horses are still to be found in the Republic of Daryaachey and Aval Kingdom, but they are expensive to maintain in the Shomaal because of the lack of fodder. Within Aval Kingdom or the Republic of Daryaachey, horses cost 1.5x normal. Outside of those areas, they cost at least 2×. Fodder within Aval Kingdom of the Republic of Daryaachey costs the normal 5 sp/day in the PH. Outside of those areas it costs at least 1 gp/day.

Beasts of Burden

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