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<joettle: />Besool is the messenger of Rashka. It is believed Besool and Rashka were once lovers, but Besool betrayed her love and fell into the arms of another. He soon realized his mistake and was racked with guilt. Besool begged Rashka for forgiveness, throwing himself at her feet. He promised to do anything she wished to be redeemed of his transgression. Rashka did not take him back into her arms, but instead made Besool her messenger, transforming him into a fire breathing, black dessert viper, with ever fluxuating tufts of flame emitting from his scales.

Besool’s presence, and many times the presence of common dessert vipers, is often seen as a bad omen among followers of Rashka, but he can also serve as a guide to those worthy enough to garner his aid.

Besool is also known to deliver Rashka’s gifts to the most deserving of her servants. In many cases, he will leave his mark or another mark of Rashka upon their body.</joettle:>


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