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Crossroads was founded by heroes of the Choghan Annexation. It lies south of the Thermal Caves, just close enough to the Badlands to serve as a base camp, but far enough to be relatively safe.

The main landmark is the Elven Citadel. A keep of 4 towers modest only in size but far from mundane. The construction is of the finest dwarven masonry augmented with elven magic and human creativity. Reminiscent of ancient elven architecture the citadel seems to be cut from a single gleaming crystal; by day its many facets catch the the sunlight transforming it into a sparkling Jewell. By night the translucent citadel glows internally with colors that fade into one another, marking the hours like a clock. The designers in their wisdom felt the most severe threats would come from the south in the form of monsters wandering north from the Badlands. For this reason, the southern-facing wall of the citadel is the longest (resulting in a trapezoidal layout) and holds only a few small postern gates for defenders to use to challenge attackers at the southern wall. This wall like the citadel itself seems to be chiseled and polished from a single piece the finest piece of crystal, smooth and unmarred it is both imposing and wonder to behold. The Elven Citadel houses the elite elven protector forces led by Laureno appointed by the Elven Ambassador (PC) Lenwe Aldarion. The city guard’s main barracks are also within the citadel, though there are outposts throughout the city as well. The north-west tower houses a budding mage academy led by none other than the mage-historian (PC) Sol-ess Alean-Raheal. It also serves as a shrine to the goddess Anahita.

The largest gate faces north and is called Unity Gate. An increasingly well-trodden path leads to the Thermal Caves and is informally called Mason’s Road because of the innumerable sleds full of stone that have been dragged south along it to support the construction of Crossroads. Immediately north of the gate is the main square of the city named Market Square. This is the main market and announcements area. Numerous shops and taverns surround it, the most notable of which is The Crossroads founded by Drex Kavis and his partner Vittorio. While Drex typically adventures, Vittorio can always be found nearby and keeps a close eye on the business and an ear on the news brought by the many visitors.

East of Mason’s Road is an area known as the Choghan Slums. Though no Choghans were driven from Chogha City after its annexation by Bandar, many chose self-exile to Crossroads for a variety of reasons not least of which was historical animosity to the new Bandar overlords. These slums have their own law. The city guard and elven protectors seldom venture there, and if they do, it is to request the cooperation of the Choghans rather than to impose authority.

West of Mason’s Road lies what is informally called the New Yazd District. Lesser Yazd nobility whose crimes were too minor or obscure for Bandaran prosecution settled here with what remained of their household staff and guards. This district is anchored by a half-dozen fortified manors. Five trace out a pentagonal shaped area, the sixth (and largest) lies in the middle. The New Yazd District is incredibly safe with locally manned patrols. These patrols fully cooperate with the city guard. This district is an attractive place for those residents who have managed to accumulate wealth to take up residence.

The western gate is named PCs to insert name here. It faces a smaller square named PCs to insert name here which is informally known as Trader’s Square. This square marks the beginning of Rasht Road which heads west to the city of the same name. This is where the business of the city happens. Bulk goods typically arrive along Rasht Road, and so this is where the merchants set up the large warehouses and trading rooms to conduct their business. On this base is built the trade in more exotic goods harvested from the Badlands to the south. The area north of Rasht Road is where a budding cadre of craftsmen have set up their shops. Proximity to the warehouses and trading rooms to the south make it easy to obtain supplies to make the goods needed by both the growing city and the adventurers seeking their fortunes.

North of the workshops and arcing toward the western edge of the New Yazd District is a warren of modest homes for an increasing population of “regular folk” seeking to make a mostly honest living doing the jobs that all cities need done.

The eastern gate is named PCs to insert name here. In honor of brave Daryaans’ Flanking this gate are two oversized statues of a Bear and Wolf. It is informally called the Daryaan Gate because there is a semi-permanent encampment of Daryaans there. They are ostensibly there to provide additional protection for the city. Clan Bear and Clan Dire Wolf were unified by the city’s founders and that brought both clans victory over their Choghan tormentors that culminated in the sacking of Chogha City and the taking of much loot and many slaves. Clashes between the Daryaans and Choghans are rife as there is little that separates the Daryaan camp and the Choghan Slums. The elves do what they can to keep the peace, but it is seldom enough.


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