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Ice hounds are special breed of dog raised by the Ice Elves to pull sleds over great distances. Mechanically, they are the same as war dogs as described in the Monstrous Manual with INT 4. Cosmetically, they have husky features with fur ranging from light gray to white with some darker trim on occasion. They’re eyes are icy blue. The Ice Elves will sometimes sell or even give puppies to non-elven owners if they believe the new owners will treat them well.

Remarks regarding ice hounds by a Daryaan husky breeder in Rasht

“Ah yes, fine beasts they are, and the elves use them to pull sleds, but they’re not available. The elves are not keen to trade them. Sure you can find one here or there, but you’d need a whole pack of them to pull a sled. If you mixed them with regular huskies, things would get unbalanced. They’re much larger, so they mess up the harnesses and their stride is too long when in a mixed pack. Also, they don’t breed well. I mean the elves with their long lifespans can afford to be patient, but I need my girls to whelp pups once a year in order to keep up with sales. Ice hounds live a lot longer than most dogs, but don’t usually have pups more than once every 3-5 years. You also have to be really careful with genealogy or you’ll get birth defects. Half ice hounds are no good. All of the brains of the ice hounds with none of the discipline. They just don’t want to pull in a pack and are smart enough to know it.”

Ice Hounds

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