Kingdom of Chogha

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Being the farthest north of the settled kingdoms in the Shomaal, Chogha is in constant close proximity with the Daryaan tribes. It has the worst land of any of the kingdoms in the Shomaal and life there is brutal. Instead of making peace with the Daryaan tribes, successive Choghan monarchs have continued to persecute tribesmen and conduct frivolous attacks on them. The current ruler of Chogha King Vigo has taken this to new extremes. He is also cruel to his own people exacting punitive taxes and conducting whimsical executions.

Chogha was one of the members of the Great Alliance. After the treachery of the elves (see Elven Diaspora), Choghan refugees flooded into New Sob-Rooz. Unable to absorb the influx, Xelem IV assisted the refugees in establishing a new kingdom on the east coast of the Shomaal north of Bandar. Unlike its southern neighbor who was also part of the Great Alliance, Chogha never really stabilized and is basically a semi-barbaric city-state ruled by successive strongmen with tenuous ties to the original royal family.

Kingdom of Chogha

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