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The Magic Institute of Tapey, or MIT for short, is a cheap magic school started by a bunch of entrepreneurial gnomes, similar to the University of Phoenix. They have flashy advertisements, but little substance, focusing on quantity versus quality of students. MIT has ambitions to start a chain of schools across all civilized lands. Because of its Gnomish roots, MIT naturally focuses on the Illusion school of magic. The name has nothing to do with Tapey, but the college’s founders thought it sounded faraway and mystical (sort of like the word Phoenix) so they ran with it. The education is passable, but in no ways excellent. The Seft gnomes realized this ages ago and realized the importance of venturing out to other cultures to learn a more serious craft. To the Daryaan gnomes, they are generally known as poo-poo heads. MIT is based in the Thermal Caves of East Daryaa and is currently led by Archchancellor Ludicully.

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(PC) Lenwe Aldarion takes Fenn Ironblood and Emrys to MIT. He warns them, “Do not trust any of your senses! The illusionists are constantly practicing and you will see many things wondrous and frightening. They are all fake!” The trio pass the gates of the institute and enter a vast courtyard. A gentle breeze blows toward them, suppressing the occasional stench of sulfur. The three are treated to a sensory extravaganza with creatures stunning, bewildering, and ferocious. Despite Lenwe’s warning, they cannot help but react with warring feelings of wonder and fear depending on what apparition is before them.

As an honorary professor, the scholar (PC) Sol-ess Alean-Raheal was invited to join MIT’s Advanced Laboratory for Alchemical Studies (ALAS). Membership fees were waived for him for prior services rendered in defense of the Thermal Caves.

The buildings of the Institute house many specialized rooms for performing the magical arts. Wyvernjack inadvertently found himself in one such room.

WJ probes the cage. It’s quite large and is in the middle of a large room with a strangely tiled floor, some kind of circular pattern with the cage right in the middle. The cage itself is well built. Metal rods run vertically up and down tracing a full circle, one 2 inch thick rod every 6 inches or so. There are horizontal braces every two feet up to a height of twenty feet where the bars disappear into the stone ceiling. The door is secured with a massive lock. The bars are all stiff and corrosion free. WJ gets the impression the cage is designed to hold things much stronger and larger than he.

Rough layout of part of the Advanced Magical Studies building observed by WJ while being escorted out.

Advanced magical studies


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