Morduk's Spell Book

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Morduk was the mage accompanying the Choghan force attempting to ambush a gnomish caravan heading for the Thermal Caves in the spring of the year 4513 of the Noruz Reckoning. He was slain by hardy adventurers including the mercenary Fenn Ironblood who is now in posseion of Morduk’s spell book. The spell book as 25 sheets of paper (50 pages). All are written on. Most of the pages clearly contain spells, but the last two pages have trivial notes about a recent visit to New Mazra.

Spell Name Spell Level Pages
Read Magic 1 1-5
Detect Magic 1 6
Light 1 7-11
Continual Freeze 2 12-18
Continual Light 2 19-25
Magic Missile 1 26-31
Armor 1 32-34
Stinking Cloud 2 35-37
Fireball 3 38-42
Protection from Normal Missiles 3 43-48
Mundane journal entry NA 49-50

Morduk's Spell Book

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