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This is the southernmost nation in the Shomaal. Some argue it is not technically in the Shomaal, but rather occupies the northernmost peaks of the Tapey Mountains. These peaks form a ring in the center of which is a giant lake. It is blessed with an abundance of trees because of the lake, its southern location, and its careful forest management. The Fellowship of Jangal has numerous adherents in this city-state.

Fortunately, the dense rock of the Tapey Mountains prevent the Claacos from burrowing underground and swarming the kingdom. The only two passes into the ring form bottlenecks and are adequately defended for now. The ‘Eastern Pass’ which is frequently attacked by massive Claacos hordes is defended by Gothar, Warden of the Eastern Pass. The rest of the area is patrolled by the Rangers of Daryaachey. Expeditions will be sent out to respond to threats identified by the Rangers that are too serious to be dealt with solely by the Rangers.

Daryaachey is an important trading post. Traders travel up and down the Tapey Mountains bringing goods from the tribes eking a living on the edges of the Saahel desert as well as the Kingdoms of the Gharb Islands to the west of DaRey. Local goods include fine wine, horses, livestock, leather goods, and timber.

Daryaachey is also home to the famed Swordmaster Tolem. Though Daryaachey houses some primeval forests, because of their treachery (see Elven Diaspora), elves are generally prohibited from entering the kingdom.

Daryaachey has no hereditary king. Instead, the heads of prominent families, the highest ranking Druid, and the Warden of the Eastern Pass form a council that elects a Speaker to set the government’s priorities. The Speaker is elected every ten years and has broad executive powers. However, the council can convene at any time to veto anything or even replace the Speaker. Obviously, less disruptive forms of intervention are practiced well before such action becomes necessary. This council also appoints the Warden of the Eastern Pass when the incumbent retires.

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Republic of Daryaachey

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