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Empire of Sob-Rooz


New Sob-Rooz is situated on a large mesa in the middle of the Shomaal. The mesa is formed of dense granite rock which ensures impenetrability from burrowing Claacos. The steep slopes on the perimeter make defense easy. The inhabitants have constructed a massive artificial lake in the middle of the mesa to ensure an adequate supply of fresh water in the event of a siege. This lake also houses massive fish farms that feed the population of approximately 500,000 souls. Nearby the city on the surrounding plains are deposits of low grade iron ore. Coal is imported from New Meybod to smelt the ore and fashion iron goods. The ore is of such low quality that massive amounts of coal must be burned to refine it. This explains the high cost of iron goods in the Shomaal. There are richer deposits in the Tapey Mountain Range and south, but these are not readily accessible. As a consequence of the constantly running furnaces, New Sob-Rooz is highly polluted. It seems all surfaces are covered with fine soot and the inhabitants are afflicted with eye irritation and respiratory problems. The fish also suffer and have a bland flavor. The iron smelters of New Sob-Rooz have figured out how to aerate the cooling slag from the iron ore refining process and can mold it into lightweight blocks. These “slag-bricks” are too brittle to be used for defensive works, but are fine for simple structures and houses. Much of New Sob-Rooz is built with these bricks and they, along with iron ingots and finished iron goods form the bulk of New Sob-Rooz exports.

In the center of the lake is an island where the Imperial Palace, Citadel of Surah, and Ahrima’s Watch are built. These are all massive, fortified complexes. They are last refuges within the last refuge for the mighty Empire of Sob-Rooz. Temples to other major faiths, embassies, and manors to the elite of the nobility are also clustered in this central island. The island is linked to the perimeter by eight long bridges fanning outwards across the lake.

Ahrima’s Watch includes a slender tower of black granite that stretches high into the sky. The top of the tower is visible for a hundred miles and houses a magical object called “Ahrima’s Eye.” It glows a dull red in all directions. Outside the perimeter of the city, it does little to aid visibility, but within the perimeter of the city, it is sufficient to avoid penalties for darkness. If it emits any heat, the amount is dwarfed by the constantly running forges, furnaces, and ovens of the mighty city. “Ahrima’s Eye” glows all through the winter when the sun stays below the horizon. In the summer, the Eye is closed.

The Citadel of Surah Surah is a gilded architectural masterpiece. The main assembly hall is lined with multi-story marble columns that rise up to end in golden sunbursts where they meet the ceiling. A trompe d’oeil fresco covers the ceiling along the full length of the hall. The background is sky blue and features the god Surah holding court with the other major deities. Portraits of the emperors of Sob-Rooz are placed along the perimeter paying homage to the divine assembly and perhaps serving as guardians in their afterlives. Sufficient Continual Light enchantments are placed to provide a high noon level of illumination and suppress as many shadows as possible.


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