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These were the original inhabitants of the Shomaal and were displaced to the absolute northernmost part of the Shomaal, most notably during the time of Xelem VI “The Butcher” (see Emperors of Sob-Rooz). The tribes are now geographically isolated from each other on the East and West Daryaan Peninsulas. They mostly hunt seals and other large mammals in the open sea and trade for other items with their more southern Shomaal neighbors. It is a hard and dangerous life. The tribes cooperate or fight depending on the outcome of the hunt. The Thermal Caves, home of MIT, is located in the southern part of East Daryaa.

Daryaans are a diverse lot and worship a wide variety of gods and goddesses. They focus on those deities representing natural forces. Zemestan is particularly popular with Clan Dire Wolf. While Clan Bear favors Thunder. All Daryaans acknowledge Nistiqa as an important goddess, though she is rarely the primary focus of faith.

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Tribes of Daryaa

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