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Ahrima is the war goddess. She is married to Surah. She was dominant on the Rooz part of the Sob-Rooz empire before the rise of Khoob. Khoob has proven more popular with the masses, but many of the old and noble pure-blooded Rooz families keep to the old ways. Ahrima has a minor following among the other kingdoms and races of Jaraah as well. See Formation of Sob-Rooz for more.

Priests of Ahrima follow the “War” rules in the Priest’s Manual and have major access to War from the Tome of Magic.

The priestess Xaphora explains to the three elves Lenwe Aldarion, Arex Redrum, and Lucan Silverkin on the morning of the 7th day of the 3rd moon of the 4513th year of the Noruz reckoning while preparing to attack the advance scouts of a Choghan raiding party…

Thank you all for joining us in prayer. The elves have a great martial legacy even if it has been dormant for many centuries. Most elves would only fight for themselves, but here you three are fighting for, well for what? Are you all Elder Regiment? Fighting for coin? Please, we do not judge you for that, we fight for coin as well.

Of course, we also fight to honor Ahrima. In our faith, there are four pillars of victory, Strategy, Tactics, Intelligence, and Subterfuge. Last night we were victorious because our strategy to lure the enemy into the dark combined with our tactics to cause confusion and spring our ambush were both sound.

Today, perhaps we should rely on intelligence and subterfuge. We know those scouts are our enemy, but they do not yet know we are their enemy. Perhaps Ahrima’s Faith can approach them without provoking them. As far as they know, we are merely a small band of adventurers trekking in the north. They have not yet seen Lenwe, so he could come with us as well. Meanwhile, Arex and Lucan could stay back, or slip around behind while they are distracted conversing with us.

Later that same day

The party kneels in a circle around the dead mercenary. Captian Slythe stacks the unneeded weapons and armor of the dead Choghans at the man’s feet. Xaphora leads everyone in prayer, “Ahrima, please accept this brave warrior into your eternal army. He served you in this plane, let him serve you in the next. Though he fell in this battle, we emerged victorious. We send the arms of his vanquished enemies with him.” Miraculously, the dead mercenary’s body along with his equipment and that of the dead Choghans all fade away in a cloud of shimmering light. Xaphora explains, “Ahrima has accepted this man into her eternal army. Only those truly faithful to Ahrima are granted that honor. His body will be spared any fell magics that might compel it to fight for any other than Ahrima.”


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