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Priest Rules

The goddess Anahita is honored by works of art dedicated to her glory. Her followers are charged with doing good deeds in the world in her name and commemorating them with artworks from minor to monumental. With the bulk of the resources of the sentient races bent on survival, the organized worship of Anahita has largely disappeared except in the Thermal Caves which houses a large temple in her honor.

Otherwise, Anahita calls out directly to individuals attuned to her presence. This communication is imperfect, and her faithful sometimes wonder if she is going crazy or if the message has somehow become distorted because of the declining deference paid to Anahita.

After accumulating enough xp to advance to the next level, the priest must sacrifice an artwork worth 50 gp x level^2 or remain at the previous level. For example, in order to progress to level 2, a 1st level priest must prepare an artistic object worth 50 gp for sacrifice. A 2nd level priest attempting to progress to level 3 must prepare an item worth 200 gp. A ‘sacrifice’ can be delivered via altar, or as a gift to a person of influence who will display it prominently. The ultimate successful act is to convince an influential person to become a patron of the arts and fund an artwork directly.

Priests devoted to Anahita follow ‘Art’ rules from the Priest’s Handbook and get major access to Chaos and Travelers and minor access to Time and Thought from the Tome of Magic. Anahita requires a predisposition to non-conformity. C-G, N-G ok.


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